Mei Gong, Director

Mei works at METTLER TOLEDO as a product marketing specialist. After receiving the Mei Gong, Board MemberPosse Foundation Full-Tuition Leadership Scholarship to Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, Mei became involved in fundraising efforts to give back to her alma mater because she received so much kindness and support from others that nurtured her growth and enabled her education.

Mei started her career at Chemical Abstracts Service while working to receive her Master of Business Administration degree from the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business in Columbus, Ohio.

Mei first learned about the Pedal with Pete Foundation from David Connolly, a colleague at Chemical Abstracts Service and previous Pedal with Pete Foundation Director.  Mei wanted to get involved because she realized the importance of giving back to the community, and she joined in the Board 2016. “I am fortunate that my mentors showed me how impactful volunteering can be. Being a part of an organization that ultimately helps us all to better understand cerebral palsy is a fulfilling way of utilizing my time.” She is dedicated to making a difference through the Pedal with Pete Foundation and enjoys working with others to improve the quality of lives of those with cerebral palsy.

Mei lives in Columbus, Ohio and frequently travels back to New York City to spend time with her parents and young brother.