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Did you miss your chance to buy a colorful hi-vis Pedal-with-Pete Cycling Jersey prior to or during our July 28 event?  Did you try to buy a jersey only to learn that your chosen size was sold out?  Fear not — this is your chance to order a jersey and support Cerebral Palsy Research!  

JUST $55 TILL END OF AUGUST!  Price includes shipping to the address you provide.  

It is important to know that these jerseys run large, typically one size larger than jerseys from most popular jersey vendors.   Please read http://pedal-with-pete.org/rider-jersey-2018 carefully before placing your order.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Joe Florian, email bikerjff@gmail.com, phone (614) 296-6245


Available for order – Pedal-with-Pete cycling jerseys!!

 Pedal-with-Pete has partnered with Ascend Sportswear, a US-based supplier of cycling jerseys and accessories, to provide a new brightly colored, highly visible cycling jersey that our riders can wear proudly to raise awareness of our tremendous cause and events.

Jersey features and specs:

Ascend’s Touring™ Series Cycling Jerseys are constructed from lightweight Propel™ 140 fabric. This loose-fitting Club Cut jersey provides breathable comfort and moisture-wicking technology for recreational cycling, and the invisible full length zipper maximizes ventilation and ensures the design will have no interruption.  Other features include:

  • Non-Elastic short sleeves
  • Elastic bottom
  • Durable double stitched seams
  • Vibrant™ Color manufacturing process
  • Excellent warm weather performance
  • Sun Protection of UPF 25+
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes

Pedal-with-Pete cycling jerseys – Pricing and Ordering

These high quality jerseys are offered via advance order on the Pedal-with-Pete Columbus Registration site at the incredible price of just $55 ($65 after August 31).  Price includes shipping, or we can arrange for local pickup if you wish.

Ascend jersey photoVERY IMPORTANT!!  These jerseys are tailored in a “T-shirt style” fit, meaning that they will fit the largest variety of builds of our riders – in other words do not expect a skin-tight athletic cut fit.  See photo here for an example of the fit.

You will very likely want to buy a smaller size than normal!  Before going any further, please read the Jersey Sizing instructions below.

Pedal-with-Pete Jersey Sizing Instructions 

Our jersey is a very relaxed fit non-tailored cut resembling more of a T-shirt fit.  The sides are straight up and down for a loose mid section.  Sizing runs LARGER than you are probably accustomed to, so PLEASE read on!! 


Half chest measurePreferred Method: If you own cycling jerseys already, grab your favorite fitting jersey from the closet and lay it flat on a smooth surface as shown in the photo.  If you do not have any cycling jerseys, grab a T-shirt that has a fairly snug but comfortable fit. The garment should be nice and flat but not stretched. Measure the garment from armpit to armpit (see photo) to get a ‘1/2 chest’ measurement in inches.

Multiply this measurement by 2 to get a total chest measurement and find that number in the appropriate sizing chart below. If the measurement spans two possible sizes, choose the SMALLER of the two sizes. PLEASE TRUST US ON THESE guidelines; picking your usual jersey size from other major brands (Voler, Primal, etc.) from our sizing chart below will give you a jersey that will be TOO LARGE!!

Alternate (quicker) Method: If you own cycling jerseys already from a major supplier (Voler, Primal, Pearl Izumi, Peak One, Hincapie) find a jersey you like that is not a skin-tight fit and choose one size smaller.  If all your jerseys are skin tight, we recommend the Actual Chest Measurement method below.

Measuring chestActual Chest Measurement Method: Using a soft measuring tape have someone help you measure the total circumference of the widest part of your chest. Wrap the measuring tape under your arms and across your chest at its widest part, keeping the measuring tape parallel to the floor as shown. Stand straight but relaxed with your arms by your side and breathe normally.  Add 2-3 inches to your measurement, then consult the appropriate sizing chart below. If the measurement spans two possible sizes, choose the SMALLER of the two sizes.

Men sizing chart

Women sizing chart

Please contact Joe Florian, email bikerjff@gmail.com, phone 614-296-6245, or call the general Pedal-with-Pete Columbus info line 614-547-2429 with any questions, or to make alternate arrangements for receiving your jersey(s).

Jersey Sales through August 2018

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