You are Making a Difference by Funding Promising Research
Over the years, donors, riders, and sponsors of Pedal-with-Pete have funded promising clinical research through our grants to research centers across the country, including Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

With dollars raised in 2013 we were able to make grants for both of these worthy research projects:

Case Western in Cleveland, Ohio: Research tests cryoablation to permanently resolve the drooling that so many people from CP suffer from.  Current temporary treatments produce dry-mouth side effects which can lead to dental problems and discomfort.  New treatments desperately are needed.

An AACPDM research institution: Research compares outcomes for patients with CP based on when and if they receive surgery for hip dislocation.  Such surgery is very common for people with CP, and the timing of treatment is problematic because of the developmental issues.

All this research you fund helps kick off ground-breaking work that can lead to treatments that improve the lives of the many children and adults with CP.

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