What To Expect at the 2017 PwP, Columbus, OH Event

What To Expect at the 2017 PwP, Columbus, OH Event

Our veterans know that the Pedal-with-Pete, Columbus event is pretty much the same every year, and yet, we change it up a little every year as well!

This year, we are returning to Hilliard Heritage Middle School, we have new give-aways, the 48 mile route has two changes due to road construction, the 65, 80, and 100 mile routes have returned to the 2015 mile route, the 7-mile bike-path-only route has been updated to swing through the Municipal Park before using the Heritage Trail, and we are reversing the Walk Route! Details follow!



You can sign up in advance (pre-registration), or you can sign up when you arrive at the event (day-of-event). To sign-up in advance, most people use the online pre-registration. When pre-registering, we encourage you to take advantage of some of their social media features to invite your Facebook friends to participate and to ride, walk, or play as a way to increase support the cause of CP research. If you would rather not use the online tool, then contact Cathy at 614-527-0202 or pwp@pedal-with-pete.org, and she will mail you an application, and you can mail it back to us with your check. Pre-registration ends on Wednesday, July 26 (checks must be received by that date).

GREAT VALUE! For only $35 pre-registration (received by Wednesday July 26), or $50 entertainment-thumbday-of-event, or $10 for kids age 16 and under, you get so much for the money!  Options to ride, walk, or play, all routes are fully-supported and marked (7 bike routes to choose from, a 2.5 mile walk, lots of fun at the Kid Fest), food, post-ride/walk /play cook-out, great chance at a door-prize, entertainment, and you’ll be supporting CP research that is so promising.

MORE VALUE! The first 1000 registrants receive a rally towel compliments of Thrivent Financial.rally-towel

PLEASE REGISTER ALMOST A MONTH EARLY (July 1) to INSURE CORRECT T-SHIRT SIZE/QUANTITY. Since we do not order extra T-shirts (we hate waste… we love CP research), we will guarantee a T-shirt in your requested size if you will Pre-Register by July 1st for the Saturday, July 29th event.  That gives us several weeks to order the right size and quantity for this set of pre-registered participants.  We will order additional T-shirts, so you MIGHT get one if you pre-register after July 1st.  However, we have a fantastic array of sizes and with all these sizes, predicting what sizes to order in what quantities will be tricky, so no guarantee we’ll have a T-shirt for you if you pre-register after July 1st.  So, pre-register NOW!

REGISTRATION FEE ALTERNATIVES THAT FURTHER SUPPORT CP RESEARCH: If you select the “Advocate” ($75) or “Supporter” ($100) Registration Fee alternatives, you’ll get the same event you would get if you pre-registered for $35 or registered the day-of-event for $50.  However, you’ll know that MUCH MORE of your registration fee goes to CP research! As a token of our thanks, you’ll get a gift of a 24-pack cooler bag, compliments of Fast Switch.  Thanks for considering this symbolic and tangible way to further support this important research that provides help and hope to so many people, including those you know, who deal with CP every day.

DONATE AND/OR COLLECT DONATIONS. While we don’t require donations, we promote donations for the cause of CP research.  A portion of your registration supports CP research; we’ll email you after the event our calculation of your tax-deductible portion (the IRS regulations require that the calculation must take into account the donated food and supplies we receive for your event experience).  Additional donations, from you or your supporters, are 100% tax-deductible and fund the promising research that is so desperately needed by kids and adults like Pete, Luke, Justin, David, Jake, Andy, Abbe, Emma, and so many others who we are inspired by through this work.  Thank you for your participation and your support! If you would like to collect sponsorships, you can bring your donations on the day of the event or mail them by September 5 so that your donations can be included in this year’s grant cycle. Download and print our personal sponsorship form. Of course, we gratefully accept donations all year long!


CHECK – IN: Saturday, July 29, 2017, Hilliard Heritage Middle School, 5670 Scioto Darby Rd., Hilliard, OH

Cyclists and Walkers: Check in between 7:15-9:00 a.m.

Kid Fest: Check-in ends at 11:00 for your activity that goes from 10:30 – 12:00

PARKING: Parking is free, and volunteers will direct you to park in the school parking lots as close as possible. We mark off extra spots so that we can hold the Kid Fest and so that we can accommodate extra handicapped spaces for the anticipated extra people who arrive who have cerebral palsy.

CHECK-IN INSIDE THE SCHOOL: When you get inside the school, there were will be two sets of lines; one for people who have pre-registered, and another set for people who haven’t registered yet (day-of-event-registration). For those who have already pre-registered, we will check you name off from our lists and give you your stuff… see below…

DAY-OF-EVENT REGISTRATION AND CHECK-IN STREAMLINING: About a third of our participants register on the day-of-event, rather than using the pre-registration process. Note, we REALLY encourage you to use the pre-registration process; you’ll help the volunteers and you’ll help YOURSELF get going on event day.  Still, we want to make things easier for those who register on Saturday, July 29th, so we are going to “Leverage Some Laptops”.  You will have some menus you can fill in through a laptop instead of hand-writing into a form. Volunteers stationed at laptops will enter your information as you dictate it to them so that you won’t have to hand-write information into a form. As a side benefit, our volunteers who used to try to read your hand-writing and then put it into our database will be ever-so-thankful to not have to do that anymore!

REGISTER OR DONATE BY CREDIT CARD, CHECK, OR CASH. If you come on the day-of-event and are low on cash, we can process your credit card on site.  For other days of the year, we’ll direct you to our web-site for online donations and registration, both of which accept credit cards.

WRISTBANDS! You’ll receive a colorful wristband that we will ask you to mark with your emergency contact phone number and then wear during your event. Why?  Our SAG (support) drivers request this, because they are having trouble distinguishing PwP cyclists and walkers from the other participants out there.  Not that we wouldn’t help ANY person in need, but sometimes we are out looking for a specific person who is off-route and has called in, or we are trying to figure out who is the last rider on a specific route so we can send a set of volunteers home.  So, humor us please, and wear the wristband we give you at registration; our SAG drivers are our friends!

BAG: You will get a bag with your gift and some handouts.

DOZENS AND DOZENS OF DOOR PRIZES! What a great tradition for PwP that we’ve had since we started the Columbus ride in 2002!   Every registrant is entered into the drawing to win a door prize: anything from free food, free passes, or even free bike gear!  You’ll receive a door prize ticket at check-in; you’ll fill out your door prize ticket with your name, and place it in the box. When you finish the ride/walk/play activities, check back in – you may have won! Only those who come to the event can receive door prizes. THANK YOU to our door prize contributors!

T-Shirt Tables: You’ll be directed to the T-shirt tables where you can pick up your T-shirt; if you Pre-Registered before July 1, you’ll get one that has been reserved in your requested size for you.

MAP: If you are cycling or walking today, don’t forget to pick up your MAP from the map tables! For those who like Cue Sheets, we will also have those sheets available.  Even if you are familiar with the routes, and even if you have downloaded the coordinates in advance from our website, please stop by the map tables.  There may be last minute instructions to receive from those volunteers.


  • RIDE: 7, 18, 32, 47, 64, 80, or 100 miles.  Helmets required!
    • START: Since we expect almost 1000 cyclists, we do NOT organize a group start (that is, NO mass start). So, start when you are ready! In order that you will reach the food stops when they are open, we suggest that you start your ride between 7:15 and 9:00. The hours that the food and water stops are open are marked on your maps and also found on this document. which will be available at check-in.
    • MARKED ROUTES: All the routes are marked with arrows on theroad. This document describes how to follow a marked route.
    • SIGNAGE ADDED AT “ROUTE SPLIT-POINTS.” Since we offer so many routes (7, 18, 32, 47, 64, 80, or 100 miles), and they all start from the same point, and several loop through the same food stops, we have sections where routes overlap and then split apart from one another.  People seem to understand our painted markings on the road if they notice them in the first place, but sometimes they miss the route split point markings entirely, for a variety of reasons.  To combat this problem, last year we added signage in advance of the painted road markings saying “ROUTE SPLIT-POINT AHEAD”, which will give you another clue that it is time to pay attention to the painted markings at the upcoming intersection.  This was a hit, so expect to see them again!
    • SUPPORT: Several volunteers drive the route looking for stranded riders (SAG drivers… Support and Gear).
    • FOOD AND WATER: There are Rest Stops on every route with food/water/Gatorade; even our 7-mile bike-path-only route has a rest stop 3.5 miles out, at the turn-around point! In general, rest stops are approximately 20 miles apart, and there is one water stop 7 miles from the end. This document also shows the spacing between each food and water stop. Copies will be available at the Map and Cue Sheet tables during Check-in.
    • ROUTES: For the cyclists, there is NO mass start, as per usual.  Riders can start anytime between 7:15 and 9:00 a.m.  The 32 mile route was updated in 2016 to include an extra food stop.  For 2017, we updated the 7 mile bike-path-only route due to construction issues. The route will be well-marked with directional signs.  Both crossings of Scioto Darby will be made with the help of police officers.  The other routes are marked with arrows painted on the roads:  The 18 and 32 mile routes are mostly flat jaunts to the scenic Big Darby Creek.  The 47 mile route follows flat to gently rolling terrain on lightly traveled township roads, following the Big Darby toward its source. We updated the 47 mile route in two places to accommodate road construction.  The 64 mile route is for those wanting that metric century!  The 80 and 100 mile courses follow the same route with additional loops featuring longer grades.We updated the 64, 80, and 100 mile routes to return to the 2016 mile route (last year we detoured due to construction; this year that detour has a bridge out, so we’re back to 2015’s route). This webpage has links to the routes, if you would like a sneak-peak. Make sure you pick up a map at check-in; the volunteers may have last-minute instructions.
    • SAFETY: Be careful out there! Pete, the volunteers, and the other riders really care that everyone gets home safely. This document shares our safety tips, and it will also be in your check-in-packet.
  • 2.5 MILE WALK
    • START: We will all start together (a MASS Start) at 9:30, in front of the Hilliard Heritage Middle School. We encourage you to participate in this MASS Start because we will be joining in an escorted crossing of Scioto Darby Rd. to enter Hilliard Municipal Park, also known as Roger A. Reynolds Municipal Park.
    • ROUTE: The walk will be well marked with directional signs, and will stay on paved drives and pathways. The walk will pass a small playground, two ponds, and ball diamonds. For 2017, we are reversing the 2016 route, to change things up. This webpage has a link to the route, if you would like a sneak-peak. Make sure you pick up a map at check-in; the volunteers may have last-minute instructions.
    • FOOD and WATER: Expect to walk by a Volunteer Table equipped with water and light snacks to tide you over until you get back to the full cook-out, back at the school!
    • SAFETY: Be careful out there! Pete, the volunteers, and the other riders really care that everyone gets home safely. This document shares our safety tips, and it will also be in your check-in-packet.
  • When: 10:30am-Noon
    Come after your walk or your ride, or come just for the KID FEST!
  • Who: Kids of all ages and all abilities are welcome! Kids under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, and if the adult is only accompanying their child and is not participating in the rest of PwP, they can attend the KID FEST free of charge.
  • Where and What: Join in a special part of the Hilliard Heritage Middle School parking lot for….
    • All-Wheel Parade! – materials provided for decorating.
    • One-on-One Races – All in fun!
    • Refreshments and Entertainment – Celebration of the donations of several specially adapted bikes to kids who have cerebral palsy.
  • More about the Celebration: CHEERING FOR KIDS GETTING THEIR FIRST CUSTOM-BIKE! It was a surprise in 2012, but we plan for it now!  Thanks to a few generous donors and our partnership with The Adaptive Adventure Sports Coalition (TAASC), at Pedal-with-Pete, Columbus, Ohio we have been able to present special adaptive bikes to children from Columbus and Kent who have cerebral palsy. Each child was overwhelmed with excitement as they test drove their new bikes around the school for the first time, discovering the joy of one of childhood’s most treasured experiences.  And now, with the Kid Fest, we’ve been able to expand the partnerships to include Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus Medical and Counting Possibilities and even more donors. We look forward to seeing more kids and teens test ride their first custom-made bikes at the 2017 PwP, Columbus!
  • What to Bring? Bring your wheels! Cyclists: Don’t forget your helmet!
  • How Much? Your PwP registration fee covers the KIDS FEST too!
    Pre-register to save time ($10 for kids 16 and under) and money! (pre-registration is $35 for adults and teens 17 and older, and $50 on the day of the event). For families who cannot afford the pre-registration fees, please contact Sha Clark, Nationwide Children’s Hospital CP Program, 614-722-2451, sha.clark@nationwidechildrens.org for consideration for a fee waiver.
  • Who is Helping? Vendors will be present for fitting specially adapted bikes to children and teens with CP and for discussing funding opportunities.

Please thank these partners who are helping Pedal-with-Pete host the KID FEST:

  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital, CP Program
  • Columbus Medical
  • Counting Possibilities
  • CP Parent Columbus
  • Team Heart & Sole
  • Why: We are united by common goals to:
    • Raise funds for CP research
    • Promote CP awareness
    • Provide an exciting, active day that includes kids and teens of ALL abilities


  • ENTERTAINMENT! We have entertainment for the young and the young-at-heart! See the schedule here!
  • FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! Many of our food sponsors are returning, such as Bob Evans for our post-ride/walk cook-out and Panera, Frito-Lay, Kroger, PepsiCo, Costco, Walmart, Meijer, Giant Eagle, and Whit’s Frozen Custard of Hilliard for the food stop supplies.
  • BOOK SALE! Thank you ALL for helping Pete and the Foundation reach the $1 Million Milestone in 2015! YOU helped raise $1 Million for CP research, which was Pete’s original goal when he started Pedal-with-Pete over 20 years ago! Coincident with this milestone, Pete Zeidner published his autobiography, It Sucks to be a Gimp, Pedaling to Freedom. Have you ever wondered: Who is Pete of Pedal-with-Pete? What does it mean that Pete “rode his recumbent bicycle with joy and purpose”?  Then this book is a must-read.  You will laugh, you will cry, and your respect for Pete and people with CP will only grow!  Copies of Pete’s new book will be available for purchase at the event. Of course, all proceeds benefit cerebral palsy research. You can purchase it online through Lulu.com, Amazon.com, or pedal-with- pete.org/booksales.


  • WAYS TO HELP PROMOTE THE EVENT! Please spread the word and share the fun! View our flyer here. We have always had lots of registration brochures to spread out to area businesses, and we’ll keep doing that. Also, if YOU as a rider or donor, would like a stack of registration brochures or postcards to share, just let us know, and we’ll get a stack to you for you to share.   As veteran riders and donors, you are our best ambassadors!  Let us know at pwp@pedal-with-pete.org if you want to help.
  • FRIENDLY VOLUNTEERS, FRIENDLY PARTICIPANTS, FRIENDLY FAMILIES. It’s the people that make the great atmosphere of this event!  It’s authentic… it’s a fun, active, meaningful day for people of ALL ages and ALL abilities.  It’s a real community builder!  It’s YOUR participation that makes it great!
  • GREAT WEATHER! For 11 years, we’ve had sunshine, maybe heat, maybe wind, and only a little rain maybe in the morning, or maybe for the last few riders.  In our 12th year we had a DISMAL forecast all week long, and it rained in the early morning hours. Those who waited until 9:00 to start their ride had a GLORIOUS day of riding. In our 13th year we had a storm that intersected the long routes and required some serious strategizing. Then, gratefully, for our 14th year, we were back GLORIOUS weather!  That trend has continued ever since! Don’t worry about the weather; we’ll watch the radar together and figure out a way for you to have a fun, active, meaningful way riding, walking, or playing and eating great food for a great cause. We don’t have a rain date, we don’t need one!  Register Now!
  • QUESTIONS / CONTACT: We welcome ANY questions… we love to talk about this event and about the cause of CP research! Contact Cathy at 614-527-0202, pwp@pedal-with-pete.org.


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